Other Perpendicular Tracery

window29 window30
These two 5-light windows make an interesting contrast. The design at Long Bennington (l.) is very simple whilst that at Caythorpe (r.) is much livelier with elements usually associated with Flowing tracery.
The shape of the arch of both windows (called four-centred as it is constructed from four circular arcs) shows that they are from the later Perpendicular (Tudor). period
Another pair of 5-light windows, both from Boston Stump, again show very different styles of Perpendicular tracery. The earlier one is framed by a simple gothic arch and the other by a four-centred arch.
The arch over the 7-light window at Newark (l.) is constructed by only two arcs but is flattened like a four-centred arch.
The thick central mullion and sub-arches effectively divide the 8-light window in the tower of Boston Stump (r.) into two 4-light windows and a lozenge-shaped upper part.