Intersecting Tracery

By the time the rebuilding of St.Wulfram's church had progressed as far as the Tower and the west end of the south wall, the 14th century had begun and the style of tracery had changed.

The new style may still be described as Geometrical, but instead of the circles and foils of the other Geometrical windows, here the mullions are simply continued upwards in arcs until they meet the window arch. The intersections of these arcs form a tracery of lozenge-shaped openings.

This type of tracery is, not surprisingly, called Intersecting and is of extremely simple construction since all the arcs are of the same radius as that of the arch and their centres are at the same level.

plan1 window7
                    Construction of a 4-light window 5-light window at Melton Mowbray (Leics.)