Priests of the United Vicarage


The Vicarages were united 22nd July, 1714. John Harrison, Vicar of the South Prebend, became sole Vicar. Vacated by death.

Grantham Burial Register: July 4th 1736 The Revd John Harrison, Vicar.

1736-1786 RICHD. EASTON Presented by John Balgay

Instituted 26th Nov, Preb. S. Scarle, Lincs 1766-1786. Preb. N. Grantham, 1756-1786. Vacated by death, Jan 5. (1786). Buried here.

1786-1792  GEORGE BARRINGTON, M.A.    Presented by Robert Price

Preb. of N Grantham 1786. Resigned 1802. Vacated by resignation (Turnor).

1792-1817   THOMAS EASTON, M.A. Presented by Robert Price

Instituted 16th June. Vacated by death.

1817-1856  WILLIAM POTCHETT, M.A., Camb     Presented by Robert Price

Instituted 20th Oct. Preb. N. Grantham 1825-56. R. Gt Ponton and Denton 1826-1840. Vacated by resignation. Buried here 1859, aged 85.

1856-1874  GEORGE MADDISON, M.A. Presented by the Bishop of Lincoln

Instituted 10th July. B.A. Jesus Coll., Cambridge. M.A. S. Cath., Fellow 1832-9. Preb. Welton Painshall, Linc., 1864-1877. Vacated on institution to R. Richard's Castle, 1874-1882 (1892?) Archdeacon of Ludlow, 1877-1891. Died 1895.

1874-1879 JACOB CLEMENTS Presented by the Bishop of Lincoln

M.A. Or. Col., Oxford 1845. Instituted Feb. 17th. Appointed Sub-Dean and Canon of Lincoln 1878. Vacated by resignation. V. Gainsborough and Preb. Corringham 1859-74. Preb. Liddington 1874-9. Died June 19th 1898.

1879-1883   CECIL EDWARD FISHER, M.A. Presented by the Bishop of Lincoln

Christ Church, Oxford. Instituted April 26th. Vacated by resignation, Feb 25th. R. of Stoke Rochford 1863-79. Preb. of Lincoln from 1877. R. Hagworthingham, Lincs 1884-1890. V. St Peter's Bournemouth 1890-1904. Died 1925.