Priests of South Prebend


1225-1234 RICHARD OF NEWERE, Chapl, Priest, Presented by Geoffry of Bocland

Presented by the Canon of the South Prebend of Grantham to the perpetual Vicarage of that Prebend, the consent of the Sarresbery Lord and his Sarresbery Chapter being added thereto, is admitted to the same and instituted Vicar therein.

The said Vicarge consists of half the altarages both of Graham and Gunwardeby (Gonerby) and all proceeds of the Altars of Horton (Houghton) and Bresteby (Braceby) "and the Vicarage shall pay to the said Geoffry and his successors, Canons of the same Prebend, 100 yearly shillings in name of pension, and the Vicar shall minister personally there in the priestly office, bearing all parochial burdens pertaining to the same Prebend." Roll of year XVI.

Vicarage reserved to him next and following next year, when new Canons were instituted.

1234-1245 WILL. OF FERENDON, Chapl., Presented by Thos. of Embleburne.

R.of Welby 1245-1250. Vacated on institution to that R.

1245-1263 THOS.OF (blank), Chapl., Presented by Thos. of Emblebourne.

Vacated by death.

1263-1276 MICHAEL OF LINCOLN, Priest. Presented by William of Stokes.

Vacated by death.

1302 - ROBT. OF STAKETHERN Presented by Henry of Nassington.

- 1335 WALTER

Vacated by death.

1335-1352-  ROBERT OF WILYEN. Presented by John of Weston.

1352 had indult to choose confessor (Pap. Reg. III)

- 1377    JOHN OF KELBY

Vacated by exchange to Beseby V Lincs with


Vacated Apl. 24 to Oct. 10, by exchange to Broughton by Claxton with

1382   WILLIAM OF SIBTHORPE    Presented by William of Gunthorpe

Vacated by exchange, back with

1382-1397 RICD. OF FRYSTON    Presented by William of Gunthorpe

1383, Taxd. Cler. Subs. 33s 11d.     1389, Alderman Corp. Xti. Guild.


1392 Joined in endowing Chaplains of Corp. Xti. and Holy Trinity Altars. Vacated by death.

1414-         HENRY OF SKYNDLEBY     Presented by Richard Prentys

-  1474  Dom. RICHARD WYTHAM

Vacated by death

1474-1476   Dom. RICHARD DALBY, Priest         Presented by John Vernham

1476 R. of Welby. Resigned 182. Vacated by exchange with

1476-1478  Dom. EDMUND COLYNSON      Presented by John Vernham

1473-6, R. of Welby. Vacated by exchange to Thurlby, Lincs, with

1478-1500   Mag. THOMAS ISHAM     Presented by John Vernham

1494, R. of Spitelgate Ch.

1500-1501   WILLIAM MARSHALL   Presented by Robert Day

1501-1506    RICHARD DAY   Presented by Robert Day

Vacated on institution to Welby, R.

1506-1515    ROGER THURLEY  Presented by Robert Day

1515-1516    JOHN EDMUND   Presented by Henry Rawlins

1516-1550    RIC. SHEPPARD   Presented by Hentry Rawlins

1150-1552    WILLIAM REDE  Presented by Edward Crome

Compounded 23rd Sep, 1550, had no vicarage house. (Letters F. and D.) Vacated by death.

1552-1559    THOMAS FULLER, Chapl.    Presented by Edward Crome

Compounded on value of S. Vicarage, Aug 22nd. Vacated by deprivation.

1559-1560     JOHN ONLY   Presented by E. Barnarde

Vacated by death.

1560-1563     RICHARD SMYTHE    Presented by E. Barnarde

Compounded 24th April. N. Vicar 1557-1563.

1563-1580     JASPER TURNBULL   Presented by Hugh Turnbull

Compounded 3rd June. At Corpus Xti College, Oxf., 1548; B.A. 1556, M.A. 1561. Ord. Priest by Bp. of Lincoln, 11th July, 1563. Aged 41 and married, R. of Bassingthorpe, nr. Grantham, resided there: skilled in Latin, well versed in sacred learning 1576. Vacated by death.

1581-1586     HUMPHREY TRAVERS, Clk., M.A.   Presented by The Queen

Compounded and admitted to S. Gonerbie and Braceby V. as well, 10th March. N. Vicar 1580-1586.

1586-1600    ROBERT BRYAN, CLK., S.T.B.     Presented by Will. Barkedale*

Compounded 4th Nov. N. Vicar 1586-1596.

1601-1607    NICHOLAS WALKER, Clk, S.T.B.    Presented by Will. Barkedale

Compounded 9th March. B.A. Peterhouse Col. 1584. M.A. Christ's Coll., Cam., 1589. Incorporated Oxford 1593.       D.D. 1610. R. of Stoke 1588, of Colsterworth 1607. Archdeacon of Stow 1629. Can. of Lincoln 1632.                           Vacated on presentation to Colsterworth.

16071626      THOS. DEAN, Clk.       Presented by Will.  Barkedale

Compounded 16th Feb.

1626-1633     PETER TYLER or TYLEY    Presented by Will. Barkedale

Compounded 8th May.  Vacated by death.

1633-1634     ROLAND GREENWOOD    Presented by Humphrey Henchman

Vacated, probably by resignation on presentation to V. of Wimbush, Essex.

1633-1639      EDWARD HARRYES    Presented by Humphrey Henchman

Compounded 1st July.

1639-1669      EDWARD DIXE   Presented by Humphrey Henchman

Compounded 22nd Feb. Vacated by death.

1670-1710      SAMUEL BURNET, M.A    Presented by Thos. Lambert

Instituted 28th March. Master of Grammar School 1684. Preb. Castor, Lincs 1685-1711. Vacated by resignation. Died 1711.

1710-1736      JOHN HARRISON Presented by William Wotton

Instituted 18th May.

* There is a wooden wall tablet to William Barksdale or Barkedale on the south wall of St Wulfram's Church.