Priests of North Prebend

NORTH PREBEND Grantham Borealis or Vicars of Grantham North

1223-1231 BONONIUS, Chaplain (Priest)   Presented by William of       Can. of Sarisbery

Presented ix. Kal, Oct. (24th) to the perpetual Vicarage of the Prebend of the north of Grantham with consent of the Ld. Bishop of Sarisbery, an enquiry having previously been made by R. Archdeacon of Lincoln, &c., he is admitted and Canonically Instituted perpetual Vicar; the said Vicarage consists of the whole Altarage (profits from the oblations, or on account of the Altar) of the said prebend from which Alterage the Vicar shall pay annually to the said Canon and to his successors, the Canons of this prebend to wit, 50/- at Easter and 50/- at the feast of S. Michael, and the same Vicar shall bear all parochial charges pertaining to the said prebend, and shall be responsible for the synodlas (money sent to Bishops or Archdeacons at their Visitations) for his portion (of the Church). Roll of year xiv. (20th Dec., 1222 to 19th Dec., 1223).

1231 -    JOHN OF COLSTEWORTH  Presented by William of Ingoldeby

Presented by the Canon of the North Prebend of Grantham to the Vicarage of the same Prebend, the assent of the Venerable father, Lord R. Bishop and Chapter of Sarresbury intervening, and enquiry having been previously made by R. Archdeacon of Lincoln by which, &c., he was admitted to the same, &c. The said Vicarage consists now of a whole half of obventions (occasional dues) and small tythes of the Altar of the Church of Gunwareby (Gonerby), and of all these dues and tythes of the Chapels of Lundesthorpe (Londonthorpe), Herrierbi (Harrowby), Dunnestorp (Dunsthorpe), 100/- being reserved the aforesaid part of that prebend to be annually paid to the Canon. Roll of year xxii.


Had simple protection of V.of Grantham, 1264 (P.R., 1258-1266). Vacated by death.

1283-1291  WILLIAM OF HAKBURN, Chapl.   Presented by Jo. of Burton

Vacated by resignation.

1291-1294   HENRY OF DITTENSHALE  Presented by Will. of Berges

Vacated by resignation.

1294-1306    ROBERT OF THORPE, Chapl.   Presented by Will. of Berges

Vacated by death.

1306-1316   WILL OF AYLESTON, Chapl.   Presented by Will. of Berges

Vacated by death.

1316-1317    THOS. MOYSANT, of Croxton, Priest     Presented by Tydo of Varesio

Vacated by resignation.

1317-1328-   RIC. BLOUND of Grantham, Chapl.    Presented by Tydo of Varesio

Sued Robt. Alewy, R. of Barughby for Breviary, val. 5 marks, 1327-8 (Plac de Banco).

- 1335 JOHN

Vacated by exchange with Henry of Pirie.

1335-1345   HENRY OF PIRIE                         Presented by John of Langeberg

Vacated by exchange to Langvarbeck R. St Asalph dio.

1345-1349   THOS. OF CHELRY

Vacated by death.

1349-1376   GEOFFRY  OF WILYEN, Priest   Presented by Matthew of Brislee

In 1352 had indult to choose Confessor (Papal Reg. III). 1374 called Geoffry in law case (D.B. 456, m. 164).

Vacated by death.

1376-1383   JOHN WRIGHT of Yerdeburg      Presented by John of Yerdeburg

1383-1384   WILL OF CATTEWORTH           Presented by John of Yerdeburg

1383 Taxed Cler. Subs. 35s 11d.

Vacated by exchange to Wilwesford V. (Wilsford).

1384-1407    HUGH OF DORLEE           Presented by John of Yerdeburg

Vacated by death.

1407-1423    JOHN APPULTON   Presented by Roger Coryngham

1417 R. of Hosp. St. Leonard, Spytelgate, resigd. 1421. Vacated by exchange to Tynwell R. Linc. dio.

1423-1431    JOHN DAY OF BEROWE  Presented by Edmund Dutton

Vacated by death.

1431-1454    JOHN OF HYLLE (on death of John Burwe)   Presented by Edmund Dutton

Vacated by resignation.

1454-1459    Dom. WILL. BARNEWELL, prof.     Presented by Richd. Andrew

Vacated by death.

1459-1486    Dom. RIC. DAWES, prof.    Presented by Richd. Andrew

1468, enquired regarding pollution of Churchyard. Vacated by death.

1486-1511    Dom. WILLIAM SPENSER   Presented by Ric. Fox

1511-1519    JOHN ELTON  Presented by Will. Gray

1519            WILLIAM PICKENHAM or PAKENHAM   Presented by John Elton al Baker

Preb. S. Grantham 1519, N. 1519-1535.

1519-1535     JOHN DENT   Presented by Will. Pykenham

1535-1548     JOHN WILKINSON  Presented by Will. Pykenham

Applied 1537 to Thomas, Lord Cromwell, for the living of Manton.

1548-1552     JOHN CLARKE  Presented by Matthew Wotton

Compounded for 1st fruits June 22. Vacated by deprivation (probably restored 1563).

1552-1554      OLIVER HEYWOOD Presented by Rowland Middleton

Compounded 22 Aug. on value of N. Vicarage. Vacated by deprivation.

1554-1557      WILLIAM HARBERD or GARBERD Presented by Rich. Allen gen. by grant from Preb.

Admitted 7th June, compounded 14th June.

1557-1563      RICH SMITH, Clk.    Presented by John Griffith

South Vicar, 1560-1563.

1563-1574      Dom. JOHN CLARKE   Presented by James Proctor

Restored after deprivation 1563. Vacated by death.

1574-1580      FRANCIS BANNISTER    Presented by James Proctor

Admitted 27th July. Compounded 20th Nov. Ordained by Bishop of London, 1570. Temporarily suspended, 1575. (Henry Barret, curate of this Vic., presented by the Queen, 1574). Aged 55, and married, 1576. Vicarage valued at £12.10s. Vacated by death. Buried here 20 July.

1580-1586      HUMPHREY TRAVERS  Presented by James Proctor

Admitted 27th Sep. Compounded Oct. Trinity Coll., Camb. B.A. from Benet Coll., 1571. M.A., 1574. Incorporate Oxford, 1577. Ordained by Bp. of Lincoln , 1579. South Vicar, 1581-1586.

1586-1596      ROBERT BRYAN, S.T.B.     Presented by Abraham Coverham

Compounded and instituted 4th Nov. Clk of Magdalen Coll., Oxford, 1568-1571 B.A. from Lincoln Coll., Oxford, 1577, B.D., 1586. South Vicar 1586-1600.

1597-1608      STEPHEN LODINGTON     Presented by Abraham Coverham

Compounded 16th Feb.

1608-1646      THOMAS DILWORTH    Presented by Abraham Coverham

Compounded 20th Sep., of Wilts., gent. Matriculated Hart Hall, Oxford, Oct., 1601. Aged 20. B.A. from Exeter Coll, 1605. M.A. from Christ Church, 1608. Vacated by death.

1646-1653     THOMAS REDMAN     Presented by the Corporation of Grantham

Vacated on leaving Grantham for Claypole. R. conformed 1661.

1653-1655      -------- SEABROOKE     Presented by the Corporation of Grantham

Vacated on settlinng at Londonthorpe to officiate there and at Harrowby.

1655-1656     ----------  HARRISON     Presented by the Corporation of Grantham

1656-1662     HUMPHREY BABBINGTON   Presented by the Corporation of Grantham

Vacated on appointment to Boothby R.

1662-1666     HENRY JOHNSON, M.A.      Presented by William Grove

Instituted 27th Nov.

1666-1701     JOHN HANSON, M.A.   Presented by Francis Clarke, arm. by grant.

Instituted 18th June. Vacated by death.

1701-714      SAMUEL BURNET, B.A., junior    Presented by The King, by lapse.

Ordained Priest by Bp. of Lincoln, 1696. Instituted 14th May.


The Vicarages were united 22nd July, 1714, the south Vicar becoming the Incumbent.