Parish Clerks and Vergers

This list of Parish Clerks and Vergers is taken from inside the back cover of the Register for Baptisms and Burials 1761-1800.

Parish Clerks have lived from their fees. Only two (*) have been salaried. The current Parish Administrator is salaried. The Verger is honorary, receiving expenses.

John Hutchinson  Parish Clerk Died June 1773

William Marshall Parish Clerk June 3rd 1773 Died July 10th 1812

William Marshall jnr Parish Clerk 1812 Died January 2nd 1848 aged 73

John Marshall Parish Clerk January 3rd 1848 Died February 1st 1854 aged 44

Zachariah Godfrey Parish Clerk February 2nd 1854 Resigned September 29th 1884

George William Wilkinson Parish Clerk September 29th 1884 resigned 24th June 1909 died 29th Sept 1910 aged 51yrs

James Sutton Parish Clerk June 25th 1909 Resigned Sept 30th 1923

George McMicken Parish Clerk Oct 1923-Feb 28th 1924 Appointed Head Verger Southwell Minster

Arthur Ernest Nidd Parish Clerk Feb 1927-Dec 1937 Resigned through ill health

George Robert Pacey Parish Clerk Feb 1st 1938-12 Mar 1954 Died in office

Arthur Ernest Nidd Parish Clerk Reappointed 20th April 1954 Died January 1975

Robin Anthony Olive Verger and Parish Clerk* March 1975-January 1st 1982

Brian Buttery Verger and Parish Clerk* 1st January 1982-30th April 2003

Lynda Basford Parish Administrator  1st May 2003 -May 2013

Colin Beevers Verger 1st May 2003 -

Elaine Chambers Parish Administrator May 2013

David Jarrett Verger 12th September 2014 -