Windows 1 - 6

Of nearly identical design, there are three of these windows on either side of the North Porch. George Gilbert Scott, who was responsible for the restoration of the church in the 1860s, described them as "noble windows of four lights, and with fine geometrical tracery".

Within the window arch are two half-sized sub-arches together with the four quarter-sized arches at the heads of the lights.

Two circles exactly fit the spaces underneath the sub-arches; and one circle of twice the diameter fits the space above the sub-arches. Quatrefoils decorate the smaller circles whilst the crowning circle contains a sexfoil. The result of this arrangement is a simple but harmonious composition, a 'classic' example of pure Geometrical tracery.

Comparisons have been made between the design of this set of windows and similar tracery at the cathedrals of Lincoln (Angel Choir 1256-1280) and Salisbury (Chapter House and Cloister c.1260). Since St.Wulfram's church has historic connections with both cathedrals, either is possible as a source of influence.

Window 1-6